November 2016, Volume XXVI, No. 6

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200 Students Celebrate the 25th Anniversary Product Show

by Brian Hagopian, Clear Water Consulting, and Paige Kane, Merck, with photos by Brian Hagopian

The Product Show has always been a focus of the fall season for our Student Members and this year was no exception. The Chapter gave over 200 students the opportunity to attend the 25th Anniversary edition of the Product Show by sending buses to our 13 Student Chapters and transporting students to and from Gillette Stadium. Highlights of this year's Show included presentation of the coveted Student Chapter of The Year Award to Mass Maritime Academy during the plenary session. MMA was recognized for their excellent work over the past year in building membership and promoting ISPE around campus.

Proudly displaying their plaque are Student Chapter of the Year Mass Maritime Academy award recipients: (l-r) Faculty Advisor George Howe, President Ryan Galanti, Treasurer Lukas Smith and Vice President Benjamin Joyal.

To prepare for the Show, about 50 students attended a session entitled "How to Get the Most out of Your Product Show Experience" where they learned how to make the right first impression when meeting people. We surprised students by making them practice their "elevator speeches" during the session. At first they were a little hesitant but after a few minutes they were clearly enjoying themselves as they prepared to visit the exhibit area and the Career Fair.

Students practiced their elevator speeches as part of the educational session "How to Make the Most of Your Product Show Experience."

Student Development Committee members also took advantage of the Career Fair with its 44 hiring companies, meeting with as many HR representatives as possible and singing the praises of the Boston Area Chapter and its 300 Student Members. As a result of these efforts, the Chapter will be posting over 100 new positions on our website in the coming months!

Scholarship applications are due by November 1 for the next round of Chapter scholarships. Over its history, the Chapter has awarded scholarships to a whopping 50 percent of applicants. Take advantage of this great program and help pay for the cost of your education. Don't delay since a written reference is required - be sure to give your chosen reference time to write a glowing endorsement.  Click here to learn more and complete your application on line.


Chapter Manager: Amy Poole, CAMI - Tel: 1.781.647.4773 and E-mail:
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