November 2016, Volume XXVI, No. 6

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Newsletter Archive

The “Accidental Project Manager” Draws a Crowd to Alnylam

by Stefan Tropsa, Design Group

The Boston Area Chapter educational program entitled "Accidental Project Manager, Now What?" was held on Thursday, September 15 at Alnylam Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge. This topic attracted approximately 70 attendees, both members and non-members alike.

Following the traditional networking reception, the evening began with opening remarks by Chapter President John Spohn and Meeting Manager Stefan Tropsa who captured the audience's attention with an overview of the challenges of project management. Stacy Price, Head of Operations, Process Development at Shire, followed Stefan's introduction. She described the core concepts of project management based on her 20 years managing commercial and clinical biotechnology operations at Shire. Stacy provided enlightening insights on common misconceptions, modes for project failure, and tips and tricks to ensure project success by honing management of stakeholder's, scope, communication, operations, and change. Furthermore, she provided a new perspective on aspects of project management that are often overlooked.

Alnylam hosted the Chapter for the September educational program and networking reception.

Up next was Rob Beane, Director of Regulatory Compliance at Design Group. He concentrated specifically on communication and its importance to project success. He provided a solid foundation for why it is so important and discussed the many means of communication used throughout a project including Risk Management, Action Items List, Meeting Minutes, Status Reports and Dashboards, Earned Value or other Key Performance Indicators, Change Management, Plan Report, and Lessons Learned. Rob's lively performance clearly captured the hearts and minds of the audience.

Stacy and Rob shared a great deal of information during the course of the evening that provoked one of the most engaging and dynamic Q&A sessions the Chapter has seen this year! The questions ranged from how to become a project manager, to how to incorporate all team members while keeping the project on track for success. In sum, the program succeeded in delivering quality information on a topic of keen interest and relevance to Chapter members.

The Boston Area Chapter and Meeting Managers Stefan Tropsa and Thomas Vaughan would like to thank the speakers and audience members for their valuable contributions to this program; Alnylam Pharmaceutical for hosting the event; and sponsor Commissioning Agents for their invaluable support.


Chapter Manager: Amy Poole, CAMI - Tel: 1.781.647.4773 and E-mail:
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