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JOIN   your industry peers in a community that empowers you to know more—and be more.

The ISPE Boston Area Chapter is a trusted source of information and interaction for seasoned industry professionals—and those who wish to learn from them. Year after year, we offer our more than 1,700 members dynamic opportunities to share knowledge, best practices, and experiences that can advance careers. As a member of ISPE—and the Boston Area Chapter— you’ll discover the benefits of being part of an engaged, accomplished and inspired community.

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If you don’t belong to ISPE already, it’s really simple to  join  and start taking advantage of these Members-only benefits. If you are new to the industry, see if you qualify as a “young professional” (regardless of your age) and join ISPE at a discounted rate. Be sure to select the Boston Area Chapter as your home Chapter to get all the benefits just listed.


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