Membership Committee

The Membership Committee's focus is retaining existing Members, attracting new Members and responding to membership issues. The committee meets on a regular basis and approaches a targeted list of local companies to proactively solicit new Members by explaining the benefits of ISPE Membership.

The committee reviews the monthly Member non-renewal list and contacts these individuals to gain a better understanding of why they decided to leave the Chapter or reminds them to re-join. The committee also develops the membership survey forms, re-enlistment questionnaires and provides a committee representative at each event to promote membership in ISPE and the Boston Area Chapter.

For Committee Member email information, please refer to the ISPE Membership Directory .

Committee Co-Chairs
Ken Woodard Shire
Michael Murphy Sanofi
Ying Cai Brammer Bio
Jingwen Chai Flately Discover Lab
Kailash Jain GE Healthcare
Paul Mueller Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Hector Rosados Sanofi
Bryan Scrocca Precision Clean Rooms



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