Education Program Committee

The Education Program Committee or EPC is built of a team of like-minded individuals heralding from a broad range of Life Sciences industry segments, whose goal is purely the sharing of industry knowledge, standards and best practices with our Membership.

Our charter is to deliver valuable programs to our Membership and their guests, based on specific topics of interest covering subjects ranging from Research and Development, Manufacturing Process, Engineering Design, People Development, and related Business issues and solutions.

The Committee is headed by a Chairperson whom is nominated by the sitting Board of Directors, who's role is to guide the Committee through the task of canvassing the Membership for their needs and wants, developing specific program subject matter, coordinating the logistics of such programs and providing literary content for the Chapter publications.

The Committee Members are volunteers from the Chapter Membership, who feel they have a contribution to offer the Committee, and have the passion, drive and commitment to assist in the delivery of such programs. Typically, these Committee Members are professionals who are active in the Life Sciences community, but are not limited to the confines of either vendor or manufacturer. We seek to achieve a balance of industry interests within the Committee to ensure concise topics of interest that will appeal multifaceted Membership demographic.

The benefits of being a member of the EPC expound beyond the general camaraderie of contributing to the successful delivery of such programs, but also offer the chance to network at a different level. To be engaged in mutual topics of discussion with industry thought leaders whilst developing educational content for our Membership can be extremely rewarding on a personal level, this, in addition to the satisfaction one may feel from the wealth of knowledge you will have helped impart the audience.

Currently, the EPC offer several different formats of program. Educational Seminar, dedicated to the delivery of "Issue/Solution" and "Best Practice" topics. Plant Tours normally accompanying facility specific presentations, in respect of either a project, or new technology implementation. And "Talking Shop," a round table or Panel type forum encouraging interactive participation in the discussion of a given subject.

The Hosts, Presenters or Panel members in all cases are typically "Subject Matter Experts" who bring a wealth of knowledge to the proceedings and can be considered leaders in the subject field. As such, during or after the event, these learned fellows are normally open to the most probing of questions surely fit to challenge the best of inquisitive minds

Above all, the EPC is dedicated to providing Educational content to our Membership. We are always interested in talking with potential volunteers who feel they could bring something to this organization.

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Committee Co-Chairs
Howard Sneider CRB
Robert Lucas Shire
Board of Directors Liaison  
Mike Levesque GE Healthcare
Committee Members
Christopher Blackwell Hargrove Controls + Automation
Mark Braatz F.W. Webb Process Controls Division
Sean Brown Barry-Wehmiller Design Group
Jack Campion The Hart Companies
Maurizio Cattaneo BioVolutions
Joyce Chiu Shire
Christopher Ciampa Thermo Fisher Scientific
Norline Crossdale-Walker Genzyme
Mallory Duquesne Novartis
Eric Felz Shire
Brian Hagopian Clear Water Consulting, Inc.
James Hughes Shire
Cheryl Huie Axiom Collaborative
Zeke Johnston AMAG Pharmaceuticals
Joseph Kifer RDK Engineers
Heather Longden Waters
Jonathan Ly Barry-Wehmiller Design Group
Gennady Malin Genzyme
Daniel Mardirosian Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Kristin Marengo Worcester Polytechnic Institute
David Novak H2H Advisors - Advanced Technologies
Christopher Opolski SPEC Process Engineering and Construction
Brijesh Patel Shire
Kristen Picard Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Binesh Prabhakar Cambridge IT Compliance LLC
Stacy Price Shire
Vincent Salvaggio M+W Group
Zoey Shen Worcester Polytechnic Institute
John Sheridan PMA Consultants LLC
Cory Siddons Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
John Spohn Hargrove Life Siences
Rose Mary Su Acentech
Thomas Vaughan GSC Engineering
Bob Wherry PAREXEL
Jillian Willard Genzyme
Darren Wolter Pfizer
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