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The ISPE Boston Area Chapter is proud to announce our brand new Sponsorship Program. This program lets you to plan your annual support for the Boston Area Chapter and provides generous discounts to help maximize the value of your investment. While individual sponsorships will continue to provide all the exposure you have come to expect from the Chapter, the new plan adds a financial reward for sponsors who sign up for multiple events, all at the same time.

For added convenience, you can sign up for all your sponsorships online, in one place (with a few exceptions), maximizing the value you receive. The new, interactive Sponsorship Application lets you view your savings as you select various combinations of sponsorship options. Be sure to answer the “Additional Questions” section in the lower portion of the application to receive your full discount.

The new Sponsorship Program is completely flexible, allowing participants to pick and choose where they want to participate as sponsors. Open the Sponsorship Application, choose as many or as few sponsorships as you want, answer the questions in the lower portion of the application, and your sponsorship investment and discount are automatically calculated. When you’re happy with your choices, you can pay online.  It’s that simple!

We hope you like the new program and we thank you for your support for the Boston Area Chapter! 

Sponsorship Options

Educational Program Sponsors

Social Event Sponsors

Blog Sponsors

Website Sponsors

Important note:

Product Show, Golf Tournament and Young Professional event sponsorships are not yet available through this program. However, participation in these events increases the discounts for items selected through the program. For more information about sponsoring these events, contact the Chapter office at (781) 647 4773 or

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